“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

As I start the first entry of this blog, it seems fitting that it’s at the very start of a new day.  It’s a little after midnight and the only sounds in the house are the synchronous pitter patter of the keyboard and the cold rain outside.  The husband and dog are fast asleep beside me.  It’s the kind of late night tranquility that feels just right.

I’ve tried starting a blog before as part of a New Year’s Resolution, but only managed a few entries.  I decided a more than one year gap would just be strange, and too much has happened to simply try and pick up where I left off.

A clean slate is so refreshing anyway.

I think the last blog ran its course because I placed too many expectations on it–how often I should write, should there be an overall theme, what should I share with an online abyss, what I should keep private, etc.

Now, the only resolution for this blog is not to have any.  Hopefully that will free me from any fear or hesitation on how my writings should be and just let them happen.

So, here goes…