Today was the first Sunday in a long time that I could not only catch up on satisfyingly mundane things but also relax.  So, yes, I’ll likely be one of those bloggers, that shows you pictures of what I eat and other self indulgent things.

As far as the “showing pictures of what I eat” theme goes, it’s more helpful to me in staying on track, staying inspired and remembering good recipes.  Now that I’ve been vegan for over a year, I know I like to get insight from other bloggers.  So if you’re curious, I’m happy to share:)

So back to my day!  I decided that while i eat countless veggies a week, I still felt like too many were going to waste, mainly because I’d be in a hurry and lack the time to prep them.  So I’m going to try and take part of my Sundays and prep for the week.  The result, tons of clean chopped veggies that are ready to go: kale, romaine, cucumber, carrot and onion just to start.  I felt very productive:)

From that veggie booty I made a delicious salad with kale mix, romaine, sesame seeds, cucumber, miso “mayo” and a lil curry seasoining. Yum!

It was sunny yet very chilly from the storm the night before but we took advantage of the free time to give Roxy (our sweet rat terrier/poodle mix) a walk.  About a ten minute stroll away, there’s an old desert property that has a goat pen near the road.  We love to take Roxy there and she looks at them with a strange curiosity and she oddly doesn’t bark. I think it’s because Roxy may think they’re her “kind.”  After all, they have a strange resemblance.

Example… Roxy Roo:

Example… neighboring goats:

Lol… Kinda a blurry shot.  At least I see the resemblance with the wiry hair and black and white coloring.

Another picture from the stroll, me and Roxy Roo:

The rest of the day was just reading and watching the Oscars.  I had a vegan pizza from Z Pizza while R had his $5 cheesesteak footlong from Subway.  Oh how opposites attract!

I hope I have a lazy Sunday again soon! 🙂