Things I learned today:

–  There’s such a thing as fish that can give you a pedicure.  They’re called doctorfish and they only feed off your dead skin cells.  It’s become some kind of international spa treatment phenomenon.  Creepy yet fascinating.

–  Phoenix is actually capable of getting sinkholes.  It happened twice today.  I thought that they usually occur in climates that were inclined to be more wet and humid.

–  My favorite mom and pop deli closed:(  It had the best veggies on amazing puffy pita bread and R loved the meat combo sandwiches.

–  I never knew how to access my work voicemail until today.  I was trying to get to my messages with a special 4 digit code and all I needed to do was press one button.  Email  and face-to-face are my communications of choice at work!  Who uses voicemail anymore anyway?

On a sidenote, it’s a dinner pic:)  Toasted Ezekiel tortillas with kale, veggie burger and guacamole with a side of chipotle yams. Lol, it tastes way better than the pic turned out… Delish!


J 🙂