Last night I went to my yoga lesson as I normally do twice a week.  (Over the past several months, it has been a wonderful outlet for stress, and my mind or body learns something new every time).

Every practice has a specific focus and the instructor’s most recent message really resonated with me.

As we all breathed and stretched in unison in a cool, dark room, she quietly spoke about what it means to be “present” in your yoga practice.

I am definitely guilty of lacking entire mind and body presence in yoga.  Like the multitasker that I am, my brain is always going a million miles a second, juggling thoughts of the past and future (what I’ve done, what’s next).  It doesn’t always shut off for yoga.

I thought about how that negatively affects my relaxation and performance.  After all, my intention for coming to practice is to block out all the noise and concentrate on well-being for one solid hour

Letting go is never easy; that kind of mental release actually requires quite a bit of focus.  However, by harnessing that focus into the present through breaths, poses and stretches, I found myself more relaxed and my mind free from the clutter of the outside world.  It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it felt like a wonderful start.

What’s so great about that lesson is that it transcends yoga itself.  It makes me want to strive for that balance in my daily life by slowing down to savor the present moments.  The future can pause and take a few breaths, right?

On a sweet side note, I’ve treated myself to these delicious vegan cookie treats by Eat Pastry the past few nights.  They can be eaten raw (since there’s no eggs of course) or baked up into a yummy, pillowy soft cookie.  They actually taste even better than the cookies I ate before I was vegan.  I’ve tried a couple of flavors, and this is the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip version.

Eat Pastry Vegan Cookie Dough Peanut Butter

Happy Eating and Namaste,