For being such a lover of veggies and nature, I’ve never been much of a greenthumb.  With the exception of a hardy bamboo plant as a dining room table centerpiece (and some airplants coming in the mail, update soon), I don’t quite have the magic touch when it comes to plant maintenance (or survival).  We leave the yard to experts and a well-timed irrigation system.

Nonetheless we’ve embarked on planting a little herb garden in a vacant flower bed in the backyard that was once occupied by sweet fuschia colored flowers ravaged by the winter.  We have no idea what we’re doing whatsoever, but we simply got some veggie soil, dug some holes, crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.  I’ve heard herbs are fairly idiot-proof to grow, so we’ll see.  Hopefully in a few weeks and months time, we’ll have the lovely organic herbs to make pestos, salads and mojitos for the warm months to come.

The before picture:

empty flower bed

Us hard at work:

Some after pictures:

Also, here’s Sunday dinner–sweet potato pasta with nutmeg and daiya and roasted asparagus with lemon and olive oil.

sweet potato pasta and asparagus


J 🙂