Somehow seasons seem to dictate my music choices.  Even the weather has a strong influence.  Cloudy day music has a much different vibe than sunny day music.  Maybe because cloudy days are so rare here in Phoenix.  I’m likely not alone in this music/climate connection.

So here’s what I’m currently rotating through my Pandora:

– Fitz and The Tantrums

– Adele

– Ray LaMontagne

– The Wallflowers

– The Gaslight Anthem

– Mumford and Sons

– Ingrid Michaelson

– Stevie Wonder

– Carla Bruni

There’s really no rhyme or reason to this mix.  I’m hardly a musical snob and there are moments where I feel the same joy listening to Ace of Base as I do to Explosions in the Sky.

My only prerequisite is variety.  I had a former co-worker who sat directly next to me and would play on his Pandora a steady stream of Linkin Park and Evanscence all day, everyday.  This is not an exaggeration.  Not just one song.  When his Pandora account ran out of its free 40 hours, he would start up a Linkin Park video on YouTube and play it over and over. And over.

I thought I was going to stab pencils into my ears.  I started keeping a steady tally of how many times he played the music of these two mediocre bands.  I had countless groups of five slashes racked up.

Glad I have an inner radio switch.  Oh, and thanks, seasons.

Now  for the random “smile” from my post title. Gizmodo had a photo shooting challenge to capture images during that bewitching golden hour.  The gallery of top contenders is lovely, but this one by Brandon Nuss especially made me smile.  I grew up with Yorkies, and this just epitomizes their little personalities.  And it’s so much better to see one of them showing off a Camaro than a stiff, sleazy car model;)

brandon nuss photo


J 🙂