Jerome view

One of my dearest friends and I have attempted to plan a road trip, unsuccessfully, for a few years.  That is, until last weekend when we went to visit a friend in Cottonwood.  We stayed thousands of feet above Cottonwood in a hillside community that’s a former mining/ghost town turned artist haven, Jerome.  It was ridiculously hot, but through the sweat, alcohol and woozy moments, we had a blissful time.

Memories of the weekend in no particular order:

Chatting with colorful locals

Hippie travelers with fake Aussie accents that had visited (and smelled like) a sweat lodge

Sweet bed and breakfast owners

Wine tasting at Alcantara

Wedding crashing and wading in Oak Creek

Amazing veggie food (minus an overly mushroom dish)

Two words: gypsy wagon

Getting lost on a winding mountain road

oak creek