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My husband tells me that I could dedicate an entire blog to my fantastical dreams.  I cannot even count the number of mornings I recount a dreamy tale that’s like a Scott Mutter photo come to life.

Arizona traffic intersections built from sky-high Greek columns…

A sushi restaurant dangling from the precipice of a tall, steady ocean wave…

Neon orange and pink clouds casting a glow over a moving island…

Jack Bauer buying me a drink and then fighting zombies…

Last night’s dream was noteworthy, and maybe just because I remember it–there’s so many of them that I forget.

I dreamt that I ended up in prison because I pelted Jeff Bridges with big glass marbles.  Only he wasn’t Jeff Bridges.  He was a bad guy played by Jeff Bridges. (Apparently my dreams not only cast people in my life and past, but A-list actors).  When I arrived to prison, I discovered that a former roommate was there too and I was glad to see a friendly face, only she wasn’t being so nice since I wasn’t part of her prison gang.  She was Queen Bee of her orange jumpsuit circle.  This prison wasn’t too bad when it came to food.  Everyone ate from a fancy buffet.  I really wanted spaghetti, only I couldn’t find a plate.  When I finally found a plate, they were out of spaghetti.

I gave up long ago trying to rationalize or search for any meaningful symbolism in these dreams.

J 🙂


That blog headline is enough to make you pause a little, right?  I’ll get to it in this post soon enough:)

The weekend was filled with the kind of snippets of fun and relaxation that always make it difficult to return on Monday.

First, I got my hair dyed (or glazed rather, since it’s gentler and makes hair shiny) to brighten things up and cover grays.  Yes, the dreaded G word.  I haven’t even turned 27 and I’ve sprouted over the past several months about a dozen scraggly, inch long white hairs mocking me on the top of my head.  I can’t imagine what would have transpired in my life or in my body to cause such a drastic follicle shift.  While some women wear grays as a badge of honor, that’s not the case for me.  If I wasn’t 26 and if I exuded some kind of Helen Mirren older woman appeal, maybe I could pull it off.  But no.  So all I have to say is thank goodness for modern beauty products.

Second, we finally had gardeners come to trim and hack away at all the dead foliage and plants courtesy of a rollercoaster Phoenix winter.  Between the front and backyards, they spent more than two hours landscaping away.  Despite three broken sprinkler heads that were caused by their weed whacking (which will be kindly rectified by them soon) the results were stellar.  It’s still bare, but here’s the “after” results.

phoenix backyard grass

north phoenix backyard trees

I also squeezed in some shopping.  I eagerly went to three of my current favorite shopping spots; H&M, Nordstrom Rack and Whole Foods.  At the first two, I found some new lovely spring basics.  Usually, I have difficulty finding cute, affordable dresses but at the Rack I tried on dozens and even bought two.  I could have bought more but I had to restrain myself:)

Another weekend highlight… R and I were driving near the 101 freeway and what catches our eye, but a tricked out Ghostbusters station wagon!!  It looked so authentic, Bill Murray and Slimer could have come tumbling right out of it.  We were so excited to get a shot that we were fumbling for our camera and didn’t get a closeup like we would have preferred.  So you’ll have to deal with this shot.  Can we say, AWESOME???!!!

ghostbusters station wagon phoenix

Now that brings us to puppet nudity.  We went to a local production of Avenue Q at the Phoenix Theatre.  The play was absolutely hilarious and the venue didn’t have a bad seat in the house.  Along with our tickets, we were given this warning:

avenue q phoenix theatre

They weren’t kidding either.  We witnessed some funny yet blush-worthy, R-rated bumping and grinding.  We went with R’s parents too, so that just enhanced the comedy of the overall situation.  We had a more mild time beforehand; we sat out on the theatre’s lovely patio with some glasses of Sedona wine and listened to the acoustic melodies of a musician that had the EXACT voice of John Mayer.  It was a great night out on the town, and we’d definitely love to go back there.

R took some pics here of me this weekend, and Roxy Roo as well.

Here I am with my cutie before the show.


Last, but certainly not least, Roxy intently watching March Madness.  Her brackets are in good standings;)


J 🙂