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The definition of babushka:  [buh-boosh-kuh]

1. (Clothing & Fashion) a headscarf tied under the chin, worn by Russian peasant women
2. (in Russia) an old woman

[Russian: grandmother, from baba old woman]
Roxy’s been extra cuddly lately before bedtime so I caught her in the perfect babushka moment.  It never gets old to do this to a dog.  Hilarious and adorable.
babushka roxy

Somehow seasons seem to dictate my music choices.  Even the weather has a strong influence.  Cloudy day music has a much different vibe than sunny day music.  Maybe because cloudy days are so rare here in Phoenix.  I’m likely not alone in this music/climate connection.

So here’s what I’m currently rotating through my Pandora:

– Fitz and The Tantrums

– Adele

– Ray LaMontagne

– The Wallflowers

– The Gaslight Anthem

– Mumford and Sons

– Ingrid Michaelson

– Stevie Wonder

– Carla Bruni

There’s really no rhyme or reason to this mix.  I’m hardly a musical snob and there are moments where I feel the same joy listening to Ace of Base as I do to Explosions in the Sky.

My only prerequisite is variety.  I had a former co-worker who sat directly next to me and would play on his Pandora a steady stream of Linkin Park and Evanscence all day, everyday.  This is not an exaggeration.  Not just one song.  When his Pandora account ran out of its free 40 hours, he would start up a Linkin Park video on YouTube and play it over and over. And over.

I thought I was going to stab pencils into my ears.  I started keeping a steady tally of how many times he played the music of these two mediocre bands.  I had countless groups of five slashes racked up.

Glad I have an inner radio switch.  Oh, and thanks, seasons.

Now  for the random “smile” from my post title. Gizmodo had a photo shooting challenge to capture images during that bewitching golden hour.  The gallery of top contenders is lovely, but this one by Brandon Nuss especially made me smile.  I grew up with Yorkies, and this just epitomizes their little personalities.  And it’s so much better to see one of them showing off a Camaro than a stiff, sleazy car model;)

brandon nuss photo


J 🙂

That blog headline is enough to make you pause a little, right?  I’ll get to it in this post soon enough:)

The weekend was filled with the kind of snippets of fun and relaxation that always make it difficult to return on Monday.

First, I got my hair dyed (or glazed rather, since it’s gentler and makes hair shiny) to brighten things up and cover grays.  Yes, the dreaded G word.  I haven’t even turned 27 and I’ve sprouted over the past several months about a dozen scraggly, inch long white hairs mocking me on the top of my head.  I can’t imagine what would have transpired in my life or in my body to cause such a drastic follicle shift.  While some women wear grays as a badge of honor, that’s not the case for me.  If I wasn’t 26 and if I exuded some kind of Helen Mirren older woman appeal, maybe I could pull it off.  But no.  So all I have to say is thank goodness for modern beauty products.

Second, we finally had gardeners come to trim and hack away at all the dead foliage and plants courtesy of a rollercoaster Phoenix winter.  Between the front and backyards, they spent more than two hours landscaping away.  Despite three broken sprinkler heads that were caused by their weed whacking (which will be kindly rectified by them soon) the results were stellar.  It’s still bare, but here’s the “after” results.

phoenix backyard grass

north phoenix backyard trees

I also squeezed in some shopping.  I eagerly went to three of my current favorite shopping spots; H&M, Nordstrom Rack and Whole Foods.  At the first two, I found some new lovely spring basics.  Usually, I have difficulty finding cute, affordable dresses but at the Rack I tried on dozens and even bought two.  I could have bought more but I had to restrain myself:)

Another weekend highlight… R and I were driving near the 101 freeway and what catches our eye, but a tricked out Ghostbusters station wagon!!  It looked so authentic, Bill Murray and Slimer could have come tumbling right out of it.  We were so excited to get a shot that we were fumbling for our camera and didn’t get a closeup like we would have preferred.  So you’ll have to deal with this shot.  Can we say, AWESOME???!!!

ghostbusters station wagon phoenix

Now that brings us to puppet nudity.  We went to a local production of Avenue Q at the Phoenix Theatre.  The play was absolutely hilarious and the venue didn’t have a bad seat in the house.  Along with our tickets, we were given this warning:

avenue q phoenix theatre

They weren’t kidding either.  We witnessed some funny yet blush-worthy, R-rated bumping and grinding.  We went with R’s parents too, so that just enhanced the comedy of the overall situation.  We had a more mild time beforehand; we sat out on the theatre’s lovely patio with some glasses of Sedona wine and listened to the acoustic melodies of a musician that had the EXACT voice of John Mayer.  It was a great night out on the town, and we’d definitely love to go back there.

R took some pics here of me this weekend, and Roxy Roo as well.

Here I am with my cutie before the show.


Last, but certainly not least, Roxy intently watching March Madness.  Her brackets are in good standings;)


J 🙂

Today was the first Sunday in a long time that I could not only catch up on satisfyingly mundane things but also relax.  So, yes, I’ll likely be one of those bloggers, that shows you pictures of what I eat and other self indulgent things.

As far as the “showing pictures of what I eat” theme goes, it’s more helpful to me in staying on track, staying inspired and remembering good recipes.  Now that I’ve been vegan for over a year, I know I like to get insight from other bloggers.  So if you’re curious, I’m happy to share:)

So back to my day!  I decided that while i eat countless veggies a week, I still felt like too many were going to waste, mainly because I’d be in a hurry and lack the time to prep them.  So I’m going to try and take part of my Sundays and prep for the week.  The result, tons of clean chopped veggies that are ready to go: kale, romaine, cucumber, carrot and onion just to start.  I felt very productive:)

From that veggie booty I made a delicious salad with kale mix, romaine, sesame seeds, cucumber, miso “mayo” and a lil curry seasoining. Yum!

It was sunny yet very chilly from the storm the night before but we took advantage of the free time to give Roxy (our sweet rat terrier/poodle mix) a walk.  About a ten minute stroll away, there’s an old desert property that has a goat pen near the road.  We love to take Roxy there and she looks at them with a strange curiosity and she oddly doesn’t bark. I think it’s because Roxy may think they’re her “kind.”  After all, they have a strange resemblance.

Example… Roxy Roo:

Example… neighboring goats:

Lol… Kinda a blurry shot.  At least I see the resemblance with the wiry hair and black and white coloring.

Another picture from the stroll, me and Roxy Roo:

The rest of the day was just reading and watching the Oscars.  I had a vegan pizza from Z Pizza while R had his $5 cheesesteak footlong from Subway.  Oh how opposites attract!

I hope I have a lazy Sunday again soon! 🙂